Jon Stewart Ridicules Gov. McDonnell and Virginia Republicans over Invasive Mandatory Ultrasound

Last night on The Daily ShowJon Stewart lampooned Virginia Republicans for forcing women to undergo a mandatory ultrasound — which, since most women seek an abortion during the first trimester, would necessitate an intrusive transvaginal ultrasound.

Senate Bill 484, the invasive ultrasound bill sponsored by Senator Jill Vogel, is due for a vote in the House today. 

It's clear by now that the obsessive focus of Virginia's conservative Republicans on social issues is hurting our state. Jon Stewart’s parody follows similar segments on Saturday Night Live and Real Time with Bill Maher.

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In 2017, we elected 15 new Democrats to the state House and shortly after, we passed Medicaid expansion which has allowed more than 290,000 Virginians to enroll and receive healthcare. Democra…