RICHMOND - This afternoon, the Senate General Laws and Technology Committee advanced Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria)'s SB783, addressing nondiscrimination in public employment, andSenator Jennifer Wexton (D-Loudoun)'s SB822, targeting discriminatory, anti-LGBT practices in public housing. Both bills passed with strong, bipartisan support and now make their way to the Senate Floor. 
Said Senator Ebbin, "My bill simply brings the Code in line with what has been the policy under three of the last four governors in regards to state employment. Government employees at all levels should be judged solely on the basis of their abilities and qualifications. As we build a 21st century economy, Virginia must be open and welcoming to all."
Said Senator Wexton, "Businesses won't want to locate in the Commonwealth if their employees face discrimination in housing. I'm glad that the Senate has once again reported this bill that will extend basic human rights for LGBT Virginians."
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