Senate Republicans Mandate Unnecessary Ultrasound Before Abortion

“I’m appalled that some legislators are insisting on putting government regulation in between a woman and her doctor”, says Sen. Janet Howell

Senate Bill 484, which requires women undergo an unnecessary and potentially invasive ultrasound before having an abortion, passed the Virginia Senate today.

Speaking against the bill on the floor of the General Assembly, Senator Barbara Favola said,  “A mandated ultrasound is not considered a medical best practice. When women already have the option of receiving an ultrasound, there is no reason to require government intervention. A physician and a patient, working together, are the best judges of which procedures are medically necessary.”

“Leading medical organizations oppose this unnecessary requirement, which will unjustifiably increase risk to women’s health—especially for low-income women and women from rural areas,” she added afterward.

Senator Janet Howell said, “I’m appalled that some legislators are insisting on putting government regulation between a woman and her doctor. Senate Bill 484 holds the judgment of politicians above the wisdom of physicians.”

Senator Barker said that “standard medical practice is that no procedure should be forced on a patient on whom it is not medically necessary. There is no good reason to vote for this bill: it defies standard medical practice, forcing some women to undergo an unnecessary invasive procedure.”

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