Zachary Brown is a Law Student at the University of Richmond, and a candidate for Virginia's state Senate. He is twenty-three years old and a proud member of the LGBTQIA community.  His youth is buttressed by his determination to amplify the voices of those that feel they are not meant to have a seat at the table. As an openly gay candidate he has a profound respect for the LGBTQIA men and women who laid the societal groundwork to make his candidacy possible.

Zachary graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, with an emphasis on the Middle East.  During and after his time at school, he worked with the environmental non-profits Kiss the Ground, the Zero Waste Coalition, and Camp Kesem which instilled in him a passion for protecting the environment, a platform central to his campaign.

He grew up in Southern California and moved to Richmond to attend law school in the fall of 2018.  His love for both this area of the country and for politics was sparked by the legacy of his grandfather, who grew up just a few hours away from Richmond.  Born the grandson of a Confederate soldier, he lived long enough to proudly cast a vote for Barack Obama. For Zachary, this generational evolution is a potent metaphor.  A vignette of the power of social change and how voices that reject exclusion and embrace diversity, challenge the status quo, and speak to the needs of the marginalized define what it means to be a leader in twenty-first-century American politics.

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