E. Wayne Powell was born and raised in Church Hill in the City of Richmond, Virginia.  He is married, and has two adult children from a prior marriage as well as 5 grandchildren.  His son is a Major in the US Army and has served two combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.  His daughter is a paralegal in Virginia Attorney General’s Office. 

Mr. Powell was educated in the public schools of Richmond, graduating from John Marshall High School in 1968.  During the public education of his children in the Henrico Public Schools, he was very involved with parental educational organizations, including completing an appointment to the “Education 2000” Commission in the County and as chairman of the Lay Advisory Committee to the Henrico County School Board for two terms. 

E. Wayne Powell is a 1972 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Richmond, Virginia. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and French, Mr. Powell received his Master of Arts degree in Spanish in 1973 from the University of Wisconsin's Madison campus with a specialization in Latin American studies.   His knowledge of Spanish and other languages has enhanced his ability to practice in the US and internationally.

Mr. Powell served for thirty (30) years as a Reserve and Active Duty Army officer.  He served 5 of his 30 years on active duty, and commanded a specialized strategic intelligence unit that was the first of its type after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  Mr. Powell was highly decorated during his military career.  Among these awards, he received the Legion of Merit when he retired as a full Colonel from active duty in June 2002.

Mr. Powell received his J.D. degree from the T. C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond in 1980, and, after serving as a Staff Clerk to the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, spent the majority of his almost 31 years of practice as a trial lawyer, qualified to practice before all Virginia Federal and state courts, as well as the Superior and Federal courts in the District of Columbia, and is a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.  During his career, he tried and appealed numerous cases before state and Federal courts, including a successful appeal included in the official reports of the Virginia Supreme Court. He is a published author of a Law Review article in the Fordham Urban Law Journal. 
During the 80’s Mr. Powell’s trial practice included nine (9) years of service for the Commonwealth of Virginia as an Assistant Attorney General and as a Deputy Commissioner of the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission, presiding over the trials involving hundreds of worker’s compensation claims over a six year period.

Mr. Powell’s private practice during the 90’s included almost a decade as a senior trial attorney and managing attorney primarily defending major claims against corporations and individuals for one of the nation’s major insurers.  During the last decade, he has represented injured workers before the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission, as well as injured persons in civil law suits, and defendants in criminal and traffic courts.   In total, he has tried or settled before trial more than 50 complex civil and criminal trials in his career, and has successfully appealed cases before the Virginia Court of Appeals, the Virginia Supreme Court, and before Federal Judges of the 4th  Circuit  and DC Federal Circuits.

As president of POWELL LAW GROUP, PC, and prior affiliated firms since 1999, Mr. Powell has overseen the expansion of the firm’s involvement with litigation and legal representation throughout Virginia, nationwide and internationally. 

In addition to his military and legal careers, Mr. Powell formed two successful real estate investment companies and spends his extra time attempting to address issues relevant to the local community, particularly those in the areas of educational needs of young people.  

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