RICHMOND – This afternoon, on a party-line vote, the Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology passed HB 1753, an effort by Delegate Glenn Davis (R-Virginia Beach) to prohibit local governing bodies from requiring contractors to establish a wage floor while carrying out contracts with their localities.
Said Senator George Barker (D-Fairfax), “Localities must have the authority to set their own terms when entering into contracts for local public works. The result is better performance, lower turnover, and better service to the city and to the public. Nobody is pushing to change this in the cities that have implemented it.”
Said Senator Monty Mason (D-Williamsburg), “We need to be equipping our localities with the tools to hire contractors that best meet their needs, including ensuring that workers are paid fairly. When we pass measures like this, we are preventing our local governing bodies from doing what they were elected to do: represent their constituents and act as responsible stewards of local tax dollars.”
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