Chase Censure Lawsuit Thrown Out

The Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus offers the following statement on the dismissal of Sen. Amanda Chase’s lawsuit regarding her censure by the Virginia Senate:

“We applaud the decision made by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in dismissing Sen. Amanda Chase’s lawsuit seeking to reverse the censure passed by the Senate with support from both Republicans and Democrats.

“Sen. Chase’s claims were outlandish and contradictory to her own words. For a Senator who said she would ‘wear the censure as a badge of honor’ to then claim mental anguish is a two-faced attempt to do what is politically expedient instead of what is morally right. Sen. Chase also sought to completely remove any record of the censure from Senate records which would constitute censorship, while she falsely claims she has been censored by her colleagues.

“As Senators, we hold ourselves to a high standard because we are leaders and role models in our community. Sen. Chase’s lawsuit was just another occurrence in her pattern of disrespectful and disorderly behavior, and we are glad to see her contrived complaints be thrown out of court.”


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