Democrats Win Fight for Dulles Metrorail

Senate Bill 3 would likely have cut or eliminated state funding for “the most important project in Northern Virginia,” said Sen. Janet Howell 

Senate Democrats today defeated Senate Bill 3, an aggressive attack by Republicans the workers of Virginia and the citizens of Northern Virginia. By a vote of 20 to 19, Democrats voted against the bill, which would likely have significantly cut or entirely eliminated state funding for the Dulles Metrorail project.

Senator Mark Herring (D-Loudon) said, “This bill puts an additional restraint on the funding partners putting money into the project. This bill takes $150 million dollars out of the Dulles rail project. This can only cause harm, and we are better off having defeated this bill.”

“Regardless how you feel about project labor agreements, this is not the place to make general policy,” Senator Herring added. “The Dulles rail project is one of the most important projects in our region. It is of local, regional, state, and national significance.”

Senator Yvonne Miller (D-Norfolk) said, “This is not a bill about accountability or oversight. It is an attack against labor. Pulling any funding from this project will hurt the taxpayers who have already invested in this project.  Cutting or eliminating funding will do nothing but drive up the cost of tolls for the Dulles rail project.”

Senator Janet Howell said, “Metro rail to Dulles is the most important project in northern Virginia. It has had the support of the business community and the voters of northern Virginia. What this bill is, make no mistake, is a poison pill. It will put in jeopardy the most important project in northern Virginia.”

“It would raise concerns among existing and future funders for the buying of bonds. Where will the money come from if it won’t come from the state? The only option is tolls that would be placed on the residents of my district. And a toll is a four-letter word for tax,” added Senator Janet Howell.

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