Dynamic, Diverse, Determined Democrats Deliver: 2021 Session Wrap-Up

February 27, 2021

Tonight, the Virginia General Assembly wrapped up their work for 2021 ahead of a pro-forma meeting on Monday, completing what has been another historic legislative session for the Commonwealth.

Majority Leader Dick Saslaw said: “In January, Senate Democrats laid out an aggressive agenda to help Virginians recover economically from the impacts of COVID-19, ensure our children continue to receive a world-class education, and make sure all in the Commonwealth can achieve and maintain good health. We have delivered on those goals and more, and have been leading the way on change for Virginia.”

Caucus Chair Mamie Locke said: “Legislation passed by Senate Democrats this year comes down to one word: empathy. We are committed to making sure no Virginian gets left behind; justice is not for just us. Our work on restoring faith in our justice system, ensuring every Virginian has the right to easily vote, and promoting equality for all sets an example for the rest of the nation and will be an enduring legacy for generations to come.”

Economy and Education