Feeling the heat, McDonnell Backs Down After National Ridicule

But the Governor still can’t let go of his abortion obsession — mandates transabdominal ultrasound

In an attempt to escape national ridicule — but still please his ultraconservative Republican base — Governor Bob McDonnell continues to mandate transabdominal ultrasounds for all women.

While we are relieved that Gov. McDonnell and Republican legislators have woken up to the reality that SB 484, sponsored by Senator Jill Vogel, mandates an intrusive violation of a woman’s body, we have news for our Republican friends:

Mandated still means mandated.

Senator Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said, “Ultrasounds are already a tool doctors can use during medical procedures, including abortion. If Republicans really want to ensure that ultrasounds are optional, all they have to do is stop playing doctor and drop the House bill as well.”

“Instead, Governor McDonnell has proposed specifically mandating a transabdominal ultrasound — even though such ultrasounds are unreliable early in pregnancy. Women and doctors should be able to make decisions without madates from the government.” added Senator Saslaw.

Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) said, “Governor McDonnell’s suggestions represent an absurd cop-out. He still wants to force women to undergo a medical procedure. He still wants to put government in between a woman and her doctor. He still wants to replace a physician’s wisdom with the judgment of politicians.”

“That some legislators would consider voting for such a measure is a sign of how desperate they are to save face,” added Senator McEachin.

“When your legislative agenda hits the late night comedy circuit, you know you’re in deep trouble. In the end, it’s not surprising that Governor McDonnell has caved in the face of mounting pressure. This bill still goes too far,” said Senator Saslaw.

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