House Republicans Set the Stage for a Government Shutdown

The Washington Post weighs in after yet another Republican Governor and state legislature find a way close the coverage gap.  This time it's the red state of Indiana.  According to the Post:

"The House Republicans’ blanket refusal — no expansion, no alternative, no negotiations — sets the stage for a state government shutdown when the new fiscal year begins July 1.


"REPUBLICANS IN Virginia’s House of Delegates have blocked hundreds of thousands of poor Virginians from getting health insurance under the Obama administration’s Medicaid expansion. At the same time, they’ve refused to suggest any alternative method by which the needy people in the state might arrange health coverage.

Meanwhile, the list of Republican governors around the country who want new federal Medicaid funds — and the huge benefits they bring for their states — continues to grow. Richmond’s just-say-no crowd, led by House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford), looks increasingly isolated and callous."

For the rest of the editorial click here:

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