Richmond, Va. – This morning, the Senate Education and Health Committee reported Delegate Rob Bell’s (R-Albemarle) bill, HB131 – the House equivalent of Senator Tom Garrett’s (R-Buckingham) bill, SB612, commonly known as the "Tebow bill." The bill reported on a near-party-line vote.

Said Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax), "If you want to wear that jersey Friday night you need to be willing to walk into that classroom Monday morning. There are all sorts of reasons, both religious and non-religious, to home school your child, and it might be the best choice for your child and for your family. But you have made a choice and that is an important choice – and you need to accept the consequences."

Said Senator Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth), "Student athletes are held to a very high standard, in the classroom and on the field. Participating in your high school team is a source of pride, and a reward for students who have been active in their school communities, both in terms of academics and athletics. There are rules for this participation, and those rules need to be applied fairly and across the board."

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