Join Senator Marsen to help Mike Hymes in the 38th Senate District Special Election!

It is time for us to not only speak of many things but to step up and help the Democrats win the special election for the 38th Senate District, Mike Hymes is running for the seat that Phil Puckett resigned under troubling circumstances. I am organizing a weekend trip to some towns near the coal fields of Virginia (either in the town of Radford or the town of Pulaski) to knock on doors and campaign for Mike to hold this seat and return control of the Virginia Senate to Democrats. I believe this is in the best interest of our Commonwealth. (I understand there are Republicans on my mailing list who may disagree).

 Mike Hymes is a great candidate. He is a former coal miner, who worked hard, earned an MBA, directs human resources for the James River Coal Company, and is an elected member of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors. We will be leaving at noon on Friday August 8th to carpool and caravan for the four hour drive. I will make hotel/motel reservations for Friday and Saturday night and the cost to you should be reasonable. Dinner is on me both nights and I think this would be an adventure that all of us will enjoy and cherish over the years. We will depart the area at 2pm on Sunday getting home around 6pm.

 This is a big ask and a tough assignment. Health care for 400,000 Virginians is in the balance, if you believe that is important, so do I.

 Don’t just sit there let’s do something and enjoy the camaraderie of an important cause. Please call me at 571-249-3037 or reply to this e-mail with any questions or your intent to participate.

 Could there be anything more fun than this? Hope to hear from you.

 Best regards,


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