NRA Endorses, then Tries to Cover Up Endorsements for Senate Republicans Feigning Support for Gun Violence Prevention

Richmond--Yesterday, the National Rifle Association (NRA) released their 2019 score card and endorsements in Virginia’s General Assembly elections. This morning, the 2019 score card and endorsements were removed from the NRA’s website. Having sought NRA support earlier in the cycle, Republican Senate candidates are now trying to mask their anti-gun safety positions and voting records. 

“Senators Sturtevant and Dunnavant have tried to distract, distort, and even hide from their voting records but Virginians won’t be fooled: Senate Republicans continuously put the NRA before their constituents and now they’re being rewarded for their support with endorsements,” said Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus deputy executive director Hailey Barringer. “In just fourteen days Virginians have a choice: reelecting a NRA-sponsored Republican majority or electing a Democratic majority who will prioritize gun violence prevention in the Senate.” 

SD 7: Republican nominee Jen Kiggans received an “AQ” on the 2019 NRA scorecard and was endorsed by the organization. Just days before the Virginia Beach shooting, Kiggans bragged about her “AQ” rating in the primary for the 7th Senate District. Since then, Kiggans has not shown support for any gun violence prevention measures introduced in the Commonwealth. Her Democratic challenger Delegate Cheryl Turpin has been endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety. 

SD 10:Republican Senator Glen Sturtevant received an “A-” on the 2019 NRA scorecard and has been endorsed by the organization. This comes as Sturtevant, who is running in one of the most competitive races in the Commonwealth against Democratic challenger Ghazala Hashmi, is running television commercials touting his independence from partisan politics. It’s easy to see why Sturtevant was endorsed--he is a member of the Courts and Justice Committee and has repeatedly voted against gun violence prevention legislation since being elected in 2015 and voted to adjourn the special session after just 90 minutes earlier this year. Hashmi has been endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety and has cited gun violence prevention as one of her top priorities in the senate. 

SD 12:Republican Senator Siobhan Dunnavant received an “A” rating from the NRA. Dunnavant is in a highly contested race for reelection where she has tried to moderate her gun safety voting record. Earlier this month she began running ads touting her support for a federal ban on bumpstocks, even after she voted against a bump stock ban in the Virginia Senate. Her hypocrisy has been called out repeatedly by her Democratic opponent Delegate Debra Rodman, who has been endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety. 

During the gun violence prevention special session in July, the NRA set up shop in Republican Speaker Kirk Cox’s conference room before Republicans voted to adjourn the session without action after just 90 minutes. Before the NRA deleted their score card online it was also confirmed that they gave an “A” rating to Senators DeSteph and Reeves, and Republican candidate Geary Higgins. 

**Screenshots from the original posting of the 2019 score card attached here. 


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