Sen. Black's SB 48 would have allowed concealed carry with no training

RICHMOND — This morning, the Senate rejected a bill from Sen. Dick Black (R - Loudoun) that would have allowed those who are otherwise eligible for a Virginia concealed carry permit to carry concealed weapons without actually receiving such a permit, and without meeting an existing training requirement (i.e., demonstration of handgun competence) built into the current permitting process. One Republican senator joined all nineteen Democrats in voting “no”; Democratic Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam broke the resulting 20-20 tie to defeat the bill.

Said Sen. Dave Marsden (D - Fairfax), “This bill would have allowed for adult street gang members of MS-13 — the most dangerous gang in Northern Virginia — to arm themselves, which could potentially escalate tensions with other gangs and lead to increased street violence.”

Said Sen. Barbara Favola (D - Arlington), “This bill would have stripped away common-sense training requirements and endangered Virginia families. No one should be carrying a concealed handgun if he or she is not fully competent and comfortable with that weapon.”

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