Senate Democratic Caucus Chair, Senator Mamie Locke (D-Hampton) released the following statement regarding passage of the Senate budget:
One of the most important roles we serve here in Richmond is to act as stewards of Virginians' hard-earned tax dollars, and this is a responsibility that we as a Caucus do not take lightly. Setting a budget for the Commonwealth is more than dollars and cents – it is where we bring to life the values we profess during our respective campaigns. 
As we clearly heard on the Floor today, we do not always agree on budget priorities. While this isn’t the budget our Caucus would have written in a perfect world, we are pleased that we are moving forward on some of the issues critical to our constituents. We took a stand against opioids and the scourge of addiction. We worked together to tackle the issues plaguing our mental health system, and we put our children first by protecting education funding.
These are no small feats, but this budget can still be improved for the working families of our Commonwealth. In our remaining time together, we look forward to working with each and every one of our colleagues to find common ground and common sense solutions to the challenges facing our Commonwealth.

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