Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Responds to the Passage of Senate Republicans' Short-Sighted Tax Proposal

Richmond—Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Mamie Locke made the following statement in response to the Senate passage of SB 1372, the Republican conformity bill.

“Let’s call this bill what it is: a short-sighted election year tactic that neglects our Commonwealth's priorities. Senate Republicans crafted this bill under the cloak of darkness, blocked all alternatives brought forth by Senate Democrats and now, they continue to play politics with taxpayers' refunds. Senate Democrats are determined to support a measure that invests in teacher pay raises, saves for our future, and gives tax relief to working Virginians. We are disappointed by our Republican colleagues’ hasty approach to legislating tax policy but we stand ready to return to the negotiating table to work together to pass a measure that is in the best interest of all Commonwealth families.”


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