Senate Democratic Caucus Unveils Jobs Plan

RICHMOND- Virginians need jobs and they need them now.

That was the message conveyed by Virginia's Senate Democrats as they rolled out their 9-point jobs package Wednesday morning during a press conference at the state capitol.

"We are here today to address our state's greatest need: jobs. Virginians need jobs and we need them now," said Senate President Pro-Tempore Chuck Colgan, D-Prince William County. 

The Senate Democratic Caucus Jobs Now! Plan is an extensive nine-point legislative package aimed at addressing the state's job crisis. Bills included in the package will provide assistance to existing Virginia-based businesses to save and/or create jobs. The plan also includes measures to get the unemployed back to work faster through training workers for new jobs as well as ensure the state's businesses remain competitive.

While Jobs Now! will offer a myriad of benefits to Virginia families, it comes at little cost to the taxpayers. The plan makes efficient use of existing state programs and policies without taking money from education and public safety.

"Our Jobs Now! Package is a serious attempt to address the number one need in Virginia right now – jobs," said Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Mary Margaret Whipple. "At almost no cost to Virginia's taxpayers, we are creating and saving jobs by strengthening Virginia's businesses, helping incubate new industries, giving small businesses more access to capital and increasing the productivity of workers." 

Senate Majority leaders want to work with Republicans to implement their jobs package this year with bi-partisan support.

"Virginia's families are looking to their elected officials to help ease high unemployment.  With that being said this is not the time for political posturing from any party," said Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw, D- Fairfax County. "It is important that all of us here in Richmond address the number one issue facing Virginians, jobs and Virginia's economy."
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