Senate Democrats Advance Life-Saving Gun Legislation, Stop Republican Efforts’ to Roll Back Gun Safety Laws

January 23, 2023

Richmond, VA – Today Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee reaffirmed their commitment to keeping our communities safe by advancing life-saving gun safety legislation and stopping Republican efforts’ to roll back several laws Democrats passed in recent years.

Senate Democrats advanced the following life-saving gun safety legislation:

S.B. 1181 Senator Ebbin: Sale, transfer, or purchase of unfinished frames or receivers and unserialized firearms; penalty. 

S.B. 909 Senator Favola: Firearm transfers to another person from a prohibited person. 

S.B. 918, S.B 1283, and S.B. 1382 Senator Morrissey, Senator Edwards & Senator Deeds: Carrying, sale, transfer, etc., of assault firearms and certain ammunition feeding devices prohibited; Assault firearms; age requirement

S.B 1139 Senator Boysko: Storage of firearms in a residence where a minor is present; penalty.

S.B. 1167 Senator Petersen: Firearm industry members; standards of responsible conduct; civil liability.

S.B. 1067 Senator Surovell: Substantial risk orders; substantial risk factors and considerations.

S.B. 1484 Senator Deeds: Carrying a firearm or explosive material within Capitol Square or building owned or leased by the Commonwealth; exemptions; public institutions of higher education. 

Senate Democrats blocked the following Republican bill aimed at rolling back life-saving gun laws Democrats passed in recent years:

S.B. 1236 Senator Obenshain: Control of firearms by localities.

“The gun violence epidemic isn’t stopping. It’s claiming more and more lives each and every day. We have to do something,” said Senate Judiciary Co-Chair Senator Creigh Deeds. “Make no mistake, these bills that we advanced today will save lives and hopefully provide a layer of comfort or peace of mind to those who are very well aware of the gun problem we have in our society.”