Senate Democrats Champion Economic Recovery Measures

RICHMOND, Va.: Today, two bills that will help Virginians recover through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic have passed the Senate:

  • SB 1188, Hashmi, creates a program and fund to help farmers and food producers to sell or donate excess products to charitable food assistance organizations.

  • SB 1279, Bell, helps military veterans and their families transition more easily into civilian life.

Majority Leader Dick Saslaw and Caucus Chair Mamie Locke said: “Virginians in every corner of the Commonwealth are struggling right now amid the pandemic and its economic fallout. Senate Democrats have been listening, and are DETERMINED to ensure everyone can not only make ends meet through the current crises but also thrive afterward. These measures are two of many Senate Democrats are bringing forward to establish and protect economic security.”

Sen. Ghazala Hashmi said: “Food security has long been a problem in Virginia, and has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. I’m glad to see my bill which helps both food producers and Virginians who are food insecure pass the Senate today, and I remain devoted to finding creative solutions to complex problems in the Commonwealth.”

Sen. John Bell said: “Virginians who serve their country should have the support they need to transition out of military service when they choose to re-enter civilian life. Through skills and workforce assessments and internship and apprenticeship programs, the Commonwealth can help veterans and their families integrate professionally into our economy. I look forward to working with the House of Delegates to make sure military families get the support they deserve.”


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