Senate Democrats’ Constitutional Amendments Die at the Hands of the GOP

March 1, 2022

This morning, a House of Delegates Privileges and Elections Subcommittee unceremoniously killed two constitutional amendments (SB21/SJ1 and SB557/SJ5) that would have helped the Commonwealth toward fairness and equity.

Caucus Chair Mamie Locke said: “The constitutional amendment I introduced, and which passed the General Assembly last year, would have allowed Virginia’s voters to choose whether every citizen of the Commonwealth could have the power to vote–regardless of criminal history. However, the Subcommittee today chose instead to not only revoke that choice from the voters, but also eliminate the chance for more Virginians to participate in our government. I am highly disappointed, after years of working on this problem, that the Subcommittee chose this route. Let the people vote.”

Senator Adam Ebbin said: “SJ5 would have provided a fundamental dignity and equality to our gay family, friends, and neighbors, and granted Virginians the agency to remove the stain of the so-called “marriage amendment” from the Constitution. What the House told Virginia’s LGBT community this morning was that not only are they considered second-class citizens, but they also should have no recourse to change that status.”