Senate Democrats Defeat Personhood Bill

Embarrassed Republican Senators Split By Infighting

Acknowledging that their divisive social agenda has been resoundingly rejected — not only in Virginia but nationwide — 6 Republicans joined Senate Democrats to defeat HB 1, the “personhood” bill.

In the face of national ridicule, Republicans in Virginia have suffered another defeat. On the heels of the Republican cave on Senate Bill 484, which would have mandated intrusive ultrasounds before abortions, and had been ridiculed by the media around the globe, Republicans suspended the normal Senate rules to ensure that HB 1 was quickly dealt with. Senate Republicans are obviously hoping to avoid more embarrassing national media coverage.

“I hope these guys get the message and stop trying repeal the 20th century. I’m tired of Virginia being compared to Mississippi. This kind of legislation is making our state a national embarrassment,” said Senator Richard L. Saslaw.

Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) said, “We are obviously relieved we have stalled the for now, but we should recognize that the Republicans can always bring the bill back up, so we must remain vigilant — their war against women isn’t going away.”

“I’m disappointed that the Republicans circumvented normal Senate procedure to get rid of this bill. I’m disappointed, but not surprised, because Republican Senators are ashamed of the way they have been treating women, and they should be ashamed,” Senator McEachin added. 

House Bill 1 was sent back to the Education and Health committee on a vote of 24 to 14, and passed by for the year.

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