Senate Democrats Hold Press Conference on Their Commitment to Lower Costs for Virginians in the 2023 Session

January 18, 2023

Richmond, VA – In case you missed it, Senate Democrats held a press conference on their commitment to lowering costs for Virginians by passing critical legislation in the 2023 legislative session. 

Senator Mamie Locke, Senator Chap Petersen, and Senator Jennifer McClellan talked about their bills that would address the affordable housing crisis, lower prescription drug prices, and provide families a much needed child tax credit.

“From lowering prescription drug prices, to providing affordable housing, to a child tax credit, Senate Democrats are going to fight for an economy that works for all – not just a select few,” said Senator Mamie Locke. “That starts with addressing the affordable housing crisis. My bill will attack the affordable housing crisis head on and address the skyrocketing housing prices. We need to ensure Virginians who are struggling have the ability to afford to stay in their homes.”

“We must take action this session to lower the cost of living for Virginians – and that’s exactly what these bills will do,” said Senator Jennifer McClellan.“That’s why we’re introducing this bill to create a new state Child Tax Credit. We saw that the federal Child Tax Credit was one of the best tools ever to reduce child poverty. Parents spent their federal Child Tax Credit on food, diapers, school supplies and other family needs.”

“Everybody knows one of the biggest issues, for seniors and really everybody, is out-of-control prescription drug costs,” said Senator Chap Petersen. “Through this information we’re receiving from the federal government, on the state level we will have the ability to protect our seniors, our taxpayers, and our citizens. My bill puts in place a prescription affordability board that will take this important information to protect consumers and bring prescription drug costs down.” 

You can watch the full press conference HERE