Senate Democrats Kill First Round of Voter Restriction Bills

January 17, 2023

Richmond, VA — Today Senate Democrats on the Privileges and Elections Committee killed a flurry of voter restrictions bills — stopping Republicans attempts to roll back Virginians access to the ballot box. Through their vote, Senate Democrats reiterated their commitment to protecting voting rights – a victory in an effort to keep Virginia’s elections free, fair and secure. 

Here is a list of the some of the bills that would have infringed on the right to vote that were killed this afternoon:

S.B. 794 Patron: McDougle; Mandatory voter identification 

S.B. 834 Patron: Chase; Repeal permanent absentee voter list 

S.B. 880 Patron: McDougle; Limit early voting from 45 days to 7 days 

S.B. 1316 Patron: Chase; conduct an audit of the 2020 election under false claims of voter fraud

S.B. 1317 Patron: Chase Elections; voter registration; lists of registered voters; provided at cost to registered voters.S.B. 1319 Patron: Chase; removing drop-off absentee voting

“Today Senate Democrats reiterated their commitment to protecting Virginans’ voting rights,” said Senate Privilege and Elections Chair Senator Lionell Spruill.  “While Republicans continue to try and roll back voting rights, Senate Democrats will remain steadfast in their defense of protecting a Virginian’s right to participate in their elections.”