Senate Democrats Pass Life-Saving Gun Legislation

January 30, 2023

Richmond, VA – Today, ​​after countless acts of mass shootings in the Commonwealth and across the Country, Virginia Senate Democrats passed several life-saving gun safety legislation – reaffirming their commitment to keeping Virginia’s communities safe.

Senate Democrats passed the following life-saving gun safety legislation:

S.B. 1067 Senator Surovell: Substantial risk orders; substantial risk factors and considerations. 

S.B. 1181 Senator Ebbin: Sale, transfer, or purchase of unfinished frames or receivers and unserialized firearms; penalty. 

S.B. 1192 Senator Ebbin: Carrying assault firearms in public areas prohibited; penalty. 

“There are too many loopholes that allow for dangerous individuals to acquire guns,” said Senator Adam Ebbin. “My bill that passed today addressing the sale of unserialized firearms or ‘ghost guns’ will help ensure firearms won’t get in the hands of criminals and dangerous individuals.”

“We had two mass shootings within 8 days of each other last year and a six year-old shoot a teacher this year — the time for action is now, ” said Senator Surovell. “Gun violence is an epidemic, and we owe it to past and future victims and their families to work together to solve it. Our bills that we passed today will make a difference and now it is up to the House to pass this legislation and save lives.”