Senate Democrats Recap Progress, Look Toward 2019 Elections

Richmond—Today, Senate Democrats released this video highlighting the policies they fought to advance during the 2019 legislative session. These policies include: raising the minimum wage, improving public education, gun violence prevention measures, increasing access to affordable housing, expanding LGBTQ rights, and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

This year, Senate Democrats successfully passed:

Affordable Housing

Voting Rights

Fair Wages

Child Welfare

Republicans, who control the majority in both chambers, continue to block critical measures that would expand the rights of Virginians and improve the lives of Commonwealth families. This year Virginia Republicans blocked:

Equal Rights Amendment

Minimum Wage Increase

Gun Violence Prevention Measures

Environmental Protections

All forty seats in the state Senate and all one hundred seats in the state House are up for election this year. Senate Democrats only need to pick up two additional seats to retake the majority in order to continue building on their progress.

Watch the 2019 session recap video here.


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