Senate Democrats Remain Committed to Making it Easier for Virginians to Vote

RICHMOND, Va.: Today, three bills that will help further increase access to the ballot box passed the Virginia Senate.

Said Majority Leader Dick Saslaw and Caucus Chair Mamie Locke: “Senate Democrats are continuing to lead the way increasing the ease of voting. We remain DYNAMIC to changing situations, making sure amid the pandemic and beyond every Virginian can vote and do so easily. Keeping voters safe at polling places and making voting by mail simpler and more efficient are some of the steps we are taking to increase voter participation.”



  • SB 1111, patroned by Sen. Lionel Spruill, will help voters feel safe at polling locations by deputizing an election official to preserve order.

  • SB 1097, patroned by Sen. Barbara Favola, removes the witness signature requirement from absentee ballots. The signature requirement has proved an unnecessary hurdle, particularly for voters who live alone.

  • SB 1239, patroned by Sen. John Bell, allows registrars’ offices to utilize third party services to print and distribute absentee ballots. This proposal would reduce costs and increase efficiency for ballot delivery.

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