Richmond, Va. – In a packed Education & Health committee meeting this morning, Senate Democrats presented a wide array of bills geared towards improving education in the Commonwealth, earning the bipartisan support needed to report their bill to the Senate floor.

Senator John Miller’s (D – Newport News) bill S.B. 823 creates a new requirement of at least 20 minutes of physical activity per school day or an average of 100 minutes per week for K-5 students. “Requiring 20 minutes of physical activity every day a child in school is the right thing to do,” said Senator Miller. “We must ensure our children are given the tools to be both academically successful and healthy. This is a small step in that direction.”

Senator Rosalyn Dance (D – Petersburg) introduced S.B. 992, establishing a policy whereby academic credit be awarded for military training. In her remarks, Senator Dance said, “800,000 veterans reside in Virginia, many under 25. Virginia has the largest number of veterans under 25 in the nation. I would say to you mr chairman that this is a workforce training bill. This is a jobs bill.”

Senator George Barker (D – Fairfax) proposed S.B. 757 to provide for expedited Standards of Learning retake opportunities, regardless of grade level or course. “I have carried this bill for the last three years,” Senator Barker said after the vote. “I am pleased that the members of the House seem to be coming around to support this. I expect it to pass this year. It will provide a huge benefit to elementary and middle school students who have the ability to pass the exam and now will have a second chance to do so. It will more fairly treat schools.”

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