Senate Democrats Trust Our Teachers; Condemn GOP Attempts To Subvert Education

January 26, 2022

Today, Senate Democrats champion their support for Virginia’s public schools on #RedForEd Day, responding to Governor Youngkin’s anti-teacher ‘tip line’ and Senate Republicans’ failed attempts to force educators to sterilize curricula.

Majority Leader Dick Saslaw said: “Senate Democrats and Virginians trust our teachers – plain and simple. Parents are always a part of the conversation with their local and state elected officials. The commonwealth’s schools are ranked fourth-best in the nation, and Virginia Republicans’ unconstitutional executive orders and draconian legislation would only hurt our students, not help them learn. Senate Democrats are listening to the majority of parents who do not agree with what Governor Youngkin and Republicans in the General Assembly endeavor to accomplish in undermining the people who have helped us achieve world-class public education.”

Caucus Chair Mamie Locke said: “On Red For Ed Day, legislators in the Capitol are wearing red to show support for educators – but our support doesn’t stop with our wardrobe. Forcing educators to submit to parental approval of every lesson, every assignment is backwards and burdensome. As Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears said in the Senate today, ‘an informed citizenry is the best citizenry.’ Making sure students have every fact and every opinion in front of them to learn from our past helps them make better decisions for our future. Teachers are charged with ensuring a next generation that is educated, emotionally intelligent, and prepared for the challenges of the future. We must enable them with the tools to carry out that charge.”