Senate GOP Misses Mark on Job Creation

RICHMOND – Democrats in the Virginia Senate said today that the Republican Senators have missed the mark on job creation in their 2011 Legislative Agenda.

The plan released yesterday by the Republican Senate Caucus included only two measures for job creation for the state. The lackluster bills, which are proposed constitutional amendments, call for enacting a secret ballot requirement for unionized workers and Right to Work protection. These recently proposed measures are already law in Virginia.

Democrats describe the GOP plan as ineffective.

"There's nothing new about this plan. Our Republican senators have failed to move past the status quo. These measures do nothing to create or retain jobs in our state.  We can't afford to pander to the Right during one of the longest periods of prolonged unemployment in Virginia's history.  Instead of proposing a real plan for job creation, Republican senators are engaging in empty rhetoric," said Keiana Page, communications director for the Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus. 

Page said Senate Democrats will present their legislative agenda in the near future as they have done over the last four years.

"If their legislative agenda passes today, it would make absolutely no difference in the lives of Virginia's working families" said Senator Donald McEachin (D-Henrico).  "They did not present one piece of legislation that would help create one single job."

"Senate Democrats are dedicated to addressing the needs of all Virginians and during this time our greatest need is jobs," said Democratic Senate Caucus Chair Mary Margret Whipple. "Our legislative agenda will include a comprehensive jobs plan for the commonwealth.   We have to do more than identify problems. We have to create and implement solutions."

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