HB 481 sends unwelcoming message to immigrants

RICHMOND — This afternoon, the Senate passed Del. Bob Marshall’s (R - Prince William) HB 481, which requires local officials to hold undocumented offenders subject to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer until they can be transferred to the custody of either ICE or another facility, “provided that no alien may be held in custody in excess of the date that he would otherwise be released.”

Said Sen. Adam Ebbin (D - Alexandria), “This bill sends a deeply unwelcoming message to immigrants, and it does nothing to make our communities safer. I am disappointed to see the Senate waste precious time when we could instead be working to prevent gun violence or expand access to health care.”
Said Sen. Jeremy McPike (D - Prince William), “This is divisive, partisan legislation that plays to fears but does nothing to help Virginians. This cynical bill would move us backwards, and Virginians deserve far better.”

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