RICHMOND — This afternoon, the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections voted down Democratic bills that sought to limit politicians’ ability to fundraise while the General Assembly is actively conducting public business.

Sen. Jeremy McPike’s (D - Prince William) SB 519 sought to bar legislators and statewide officials from fundraising during a special session. Caucus Chair Sen. Donald McEachin’s SB 593 aimed to bar legislators from fundraising during or in advance of a veto session, and to bar the governor from fundraising in the immediate wake of a regular session. The former bill failed along near-party lines, with one Democrat abstaining; the latter failed in a party-line vote.
Said Sen. McPike, “Members of the General Assembly should not be asking for money when they’re actively conducting the people’s business. In the wake of recent ethics scandals, we need to do much more to rebuild trust in government. Removing unnecessary temptations would be a very good start.”
Said Sen. McEachin, “We need tougher safeguards and greater transparency in government. I’m disappointed that my Republican colleagues put campaign cash ahead of restoring voters’ trust in government.”

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