Senate Republicans Defeat Bill to Overturn Mandatory Ultrasounds

Republican Senators Continue to Push an Overreaching, Divisive Agenda

RICHMOND, VA — Today, Senate Republicans defeated Senator Ralph Northam's bill, SB 1332, that would have overturned the costly, mandatory ultrasound requirement by making the ultrasound optional.

In an irregular meeting of the Senate Education and Health Committee scheduled with less than 17 hours notice, Republican Senators voted unanimously to shelve Senator Northam's bill. In an unprecedented attempt to force their overreaching agenda on Virginia women, the Republican Senators did not allow Senator Northam to present his legislation. They also denied all witnesses an opportunity to speak about the bill.

"This hearing was a sham. Today, Republicans mocked the voters who sent them here. Virginians elect legislators to make knowledgeable, informed decisions. Virginia's women deserve nothing less when lawmakers make important decisions about their health care. But the Republicans aren't interested in listening; they refused to let me or any witness speak about the bill. This was nothing more than a kangaroo court," said Senator Ralph Northam (D-Northam). 

"Here's what I saw: choo, choo — railroad!" said Senator Janet Howell (D-Fairfax). "The Republicans are bent on railroading through an agenda with total disregard for the women of Virginia. Since Senator Northam is the only physician in the Senate, every legislator should listen when he speaks about women's health care. It's obvious Republicans aren't interested in listening. They scheduled this meeting late last night. They stopped witnesses from testifying. They even stopped Senator Northam from presenting his bill at all. This is another grim day for the Senate of Virginia and for Virginia women."

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