Richmond, Va. -- This morning, on a party line vote, the Senate Education and Health Committee voted to defeat SB53. This bill represented Senator Mamie Locke’s (D-Hampton) renewed effort to repeal Virginia’s mandatory ultrasound rule.

After the vote, Senator Locke said, “This bill would have eliminated the medically unnecessary transabdominal ultrasound requirement prior to an abortion. This requirement is intended to judge and shame a woman by requiring her doctor to provide her with an ultrasound image. It is about political interference, not informed consent. A woman does not turn to politicians for advice about mammograms or cancer screenings – or when to go to the dentist. She should not have to consult with politicians over her reproductive health.”

Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) said, “This practice, the transvaginal ultrasound requirement, that we continue to have on the books is an embarrassment to Virginia. Rather than respecting the ability of Virginia women and and the right of Virginia women to make their own decisions, my colleagues across the aisle continue to promote government intrusion into women’s health.”

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