Senators respond to conflict of interests on bills that hurt working Virginians

RICHMONDThis morning, Sen. Janet Howell (D – Reston) and Sen. Barbara Favola (D – Arlington) made the following statements in response to a write-up of Del. Barbara Comstock’s (R - McLean) decision to carry anti-union legislation (including HB 33, HB 1385, and HB 1931) while being paid by the anti-union Workforce Fairness institute — a fact that Comstock initially failed to disclose in required federal filings.
Said Sen. Favola, “Virginians expect their leaders to act in a fair and objective manner — but in this matter, Del. Comstock leaves us to question her motives and her judgment. In effect, she gave voters in the tenth congressional district another reason to question her record.”
Said Sen. Howell, “Now more than ever, voters expect honesty and transparency. Elected officials in Virginia have a responsibility to meet the highest ethical standards, but Del. Comstock’s actions fell short of that mark. She ignored a clear conflict of interests, and then she failed to disclose that conflict. I find her choices deeply troubling. Virginians deserve better.”
The tenth congressional district, where Del. Comstock is currently running against Fairfax Supervisor John Foust, includes parts of Sen. Howell's and Sen. Favola’s state senatorial districts.
Both senators voted against all three bills to which the article refers.

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