Richmond, Va. -- This morning, Senator Tom Garrett's (R-Buckingham) "Tebow Bill", SB612, reported out of the Senate Education & Health Committee on a 8-7, party line vote.
Speaking before the vote, Senator Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said, "You’re paying the taxes that support that school, but you’re also paying the taxes that pay for that B-1 bomber but you don’t get to fly it. If your kid wants to play football send him to the public high school. You’re either in or you’re out."
In a statement, Senator George Barker (D-Alexandria) said, "Public school athletics are an incentive to our public school students to achieve both inside the classroom and out. There are attendance requirements and there are good-conduct requirements. Parents have every right to decide whether their kids attend public school, private school, or whether to home school them – but public school athletics are part of the package for public school students. This is a choice that families need to make."
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