RICHMOND - This morning, the Republican-controlled Senate passed two more anti-voter bills. Delegate Mark Cole's (R-Fredericksburg) HB 1431 prohibits compensation on the basis of the number of completed voter registration applications collected. Delegate Buddy Fowler's (R-Glen Allen) HB 1428 would require any voter submitting an application for an absentee ballot to submit a copy of their photo identification. Both bills passed the Senate on party-line votes, 21-19.
Said Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington), "Overwhelmingly, the volunteers and campaign staff who register voters are upstanding individuals working hard to strengthen our democracy. We should be commending them, not erecting barriers to them being compensated fairly for doing such important work."
Said Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria), "We have got to stop erecting unnecessary barriers to the ballot box. Requiring voters requesting absentee ballots to submit a photocopy of their ID serves no purpose. There is nothing for our registrars to compare those photocopies to. It is pointless and an added level of needless bureaucracy. "
Said Senator Mamie Locke (D-Hampton), "Evidence of voter fraud in the Commonwealth is nearly non-existent. Our Republican colleagues have yet to prove why, year after year, they come to Session focused on making voting more difficult instead of less difficult. It's a cynical ploy to water down the electorate."
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