Richmond, Va. – This afternoon, the Virginia Senate voted on and passed their 2015 budget compromise. The Senate budget stripped some elements from the Governor’s budget – notably, Medicaid expansion – while giving modest increases to K-12 education, for example, as well as an across-the-board raise for state employees and teachers.

Following the budget vote, Caucus Chair Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) said, “While the budget is not perfect it includes many of our Democratic priorities that we are happy to support, such as pay raises for state employees and teachers. It also protects priorities that the House would seek to cut, like the Virginia Preschool Initiative. While it could be better, it is a good compromise that moves Virginia forward.”

"The Senate budget is a fiscally responsible blue print for helping Virginia families by protecting our public schools from painful cuts, giving state employees a pay raise, and expanding the Governor's Opportunity Fund," said Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax). "The budget is far from perfect, however we are off to a good start as budget negotiations begin with the House. I hope we can agree on a balanced compromise that lays the groundwork for creating new jobs in Virginia and growing the economy."


The Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus supports the legislative, political and electoral endeavors of Virginia Democratic senators. The caucus does everything it can to help senators carry out their mission to represent all Virginians and pass legislation that reflects Virginia’s mainstream values.
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