Virginia Senate Democrats Condemn Gov. McDonnell's Signing of Mandatory Ultrasound Bill

Today, Governor Bob McDonnell signed HB 462, which mandates an unnecessary and costly ultrasound before abortions. Virginia Republicans continue their relentless assault on women’s rights. In just six weeks, Virginia Republicans have turned the “best managed state” into a national laughingstock. Republican Senators just cannot let go of their divisive social agenda that is taking Virginia backwards.

Senator Janet Howell (D-Fairfax), whose amendment to also mandate rectal exams for men seeking erectile dysfunction medication first drew national attention to this issue, said, “Governor McDonnell is putting his own personal beliefs before Virginia women and is making them go through an unnecessary, costly and intentionally traumatizing medical procedure.”

Senator Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) said, “This is a sad day for women's equality. Today, Virginia joins the most restrictive states in the nation with respect to access to reproductive healthcare services. I fear women will seek back-ally, unsafe abortions because the long arm of the State is now between a woman and her doctor.”

Senator Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth) said, “It is so sad that Bob McDonnell cares more about pandering to his extreme conservative political base than the rights of women. Governor McDonnell has joined the national crusade against women and is sacrificing the rights of women across Virginia.”

Senator Mamie Locke (D-Hampton) said, “This has not been a banner year for women in Virginia. With the signing of this bill, Governor McDonnell has let the women of Virginia know how little he feels about their rights.”

Senator A. Donald McEachin said, “I am profoundly disappointed and, frankly, shocked that the Governor would show his blatant disrespect for women and his lack of trust in physicians. I have confidence that women recognize the profound decision they are making when faced with this very personal, serious choice and that they will consult their doctors and get the information they believe they need.”

Senator Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said, “This is only the second time in history Virginia has mandated a medical procedure. This law will now stand beside legislation that was passed to forcibly sterilize the severely mentally disabled.”

Senator John S. Edwards (D-Roanoke City) said, “There is no need for the Commonwealth to mandate a costly and unnecessary medical procedure. This legislation is an example of the extreme social agenda being pursued by the Governor and the Republicans in the General Assembly.”

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