George Barker

  • District: 39
  • Member since: 2008
  • Localities represented: Alexandria, Fairfax County, Prince William County
  • Committees: Education & Health, Finance, General Laws
  • Website:

George has been a founder of several groups and chaired numerous organizations, often building consensus on solutions for difficult problems. George's excellent work for us has not gone unnoticed, as he has received many awards, including Fairfax County Citizen of the Year and Lord Fairfax.

George earned two degrees from Harvard University, receiving undergraduate honors in Economics and Public Health and a master's in Health Policy and Management.

For 30 years, George has worked for Northern Virginia’s regional health planning agency, the Health Systems Agency of Northern Virginia. George has worked to contain skyrocketing health care costs, promote quality of care, and ensure access to medical care for all Northern Virginians. He also has consulted on education and services for the disabled.

George and his wife Jane reside in Clifton. Together they raised two adult children, Erik and Emily. Having lived in different places in southern Fairfax County and having worked on projects in Prince William, George has a good understanding of the issues and needs in the 39th district.

In the community as well as at his job, George has successfully brought people together to find solutions instead of just talking about problems. Because of what he has accomplished in many different arenas, George has been chosen to help provide leadership in transportation, land use, education, health care, human services, youth services and support for senior citizens. As our Senator, he works across the aisle - and across the state - to find solutions for the transportation problems and other issues in Prince William and Fairfax Counties.

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