Lynwood Lewis

  • District: 6
  • Member since: 2014
  • Localities represented: Accomack County, Mathews County, Northampton County, Norfolk and Virginia Beach
  • Committees: Agriculture, Education & Health, Local Government
  • Website:

Senator Lynwood Lewis Jr. is a native Virginian and leader who has spent his career fighting for middle class jobs, protecting our natural resources and defending public education.

Born in the 6th senate district, Lynwood learned the importance of hard work, and fairness at an early age. That is why he has been a consistent voice for equal rights and has co-signed the State Employee Non-discrimination Act each time it’s been before the legislature. Furthermore, Lynwood is a stalwart defender of our individual rights and, in particular, a woman’s right to make healthcare decisions without Government interference.

He has been appointed to and continues to serve on the Chesapeake Bay Commission. Delegate Lewis also serves on the Governor’s Aerospace Advisory Council and the Broadband Advisory Council. He was appointed in 2013 to the legislative Health Care Reform Commission.

Senator Lewis received his undergraduate degree from Hampden Sydney College and his law degree from the University of Richmond Law School and practices law in the town of Accomac on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Senator Lewis has been named a Legislative Leader or Hero 9 times during his career by the League of Conservation Voters. He was endorsed for re-election by the National Federation of Independent Business in 2009 and in 2013 and received the Virginia Association of Health Plans Distinguished Public Service Award for 2010.He was selected Outstanding Citizen for 2013 by the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce.

Lynwood Lewis is from here, he’s raising his son here, and he will continue to fight for a brighter future for all Virginians.

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